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One of the most fun events at a TDAA trial is the games. Many people are hesitant to sign up for games because they do not understand the rules. The TDAA trial premium will list and provide a brief overview, (but not the details) of the games to be played at a trial. At the trial, the judge will provide a more comprehensive explanation of the games (Briefings), to be played at the TDAA event.

Below are Judges Briefings from TDAA trials. Hopefully, these will be of interest to TDAA veterans, and help new TDAA members to understand the different games and how they are played. The Briefings also may aid clubs in deciding which games to play at their next TDAA trial. More games will be added in the future.

GAMES are a FUN way to play with your dog, which makes you and your dog think, and will make for a better team.

ID Game Club LocationDate
32Beat the ClockGreater St. Louis AgilityCaseyville, IL
7Beat the ClockItty Bitty Agility Dog ClubRapid City, SD
83Beat the ClockBud Houston
84Black HoleBud Houston
42Black HoleJudges Recertification01/08/2004
41Black HoleJudges Recertification01/08/2004
2Black HoleDinky Dog AgilityPeoria, IL
61Black JackProper Paws UniversityRacine, WI
10Black JackItty Bitty Agility Dog ClubRapid City, SD
85Black JackBud Houston
28Black JackJFF of Central IllinoisWarrensburg, IL
43Black JackJudges Recertification01/08/2004
40Boston BowlingRocky Mountain AgilityArvada, CO
1Box GameAgility A-Go-GoGig Harbor, WA
44Chutes and LaddersJudges Recertification01/08/2004
26ColorsK9 Sports of TNNashville, TN
77Connect The DotsCanine Sports ComplexBuffalo, NY
45Connect the DotsJudges Recertification01/08/2004
20Copy CatGreater St. Louis AgilityCaseyville, IL
46Copy CatJudges Recertification01/08/2004
34Dare to DoubleHappy Feet AgilityOak Creek, WI
86Dare to DoubleBud Houston
35Dealers ChoiceHappy Feet AgilityOak Creek, WI
62Double JokerProper Paws UniversityRacine, WI
87Double or NothingBud Houston
47Easter Egg HuntJudges Recertification01/08/2004
6Empire State PinballPawsitively AwesomeSkaneatales, NY
13FAST!Splash 'n DashPittsburgh, PA
48FootballJudges Recertification01/08/2004
11Four Leaf CloverTWANG - TexasMcKinney, TX
3Full HouseDinky Dog AgilityPeoria, IL
49Gamblers ChoiceJudges Recertification01/08/2004
38Gamblers ChoiceMedina SwarmSharon Center, OH
21Go For BrokeGreater St. Louis AgilityCaseyville, IL
70Go For BrokeDog Training Club of St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg, FL
8Groups ChoiceItty Bitty Agility Dog ClubRapid City, SD
50Groups ChoiceJudges Recertification01/08/2004
74Heinz 57Dinky Dog AgilityPeoria, IL
19Impossible TunnelJFF of Central IllinoisWarrensburg, IL
36Impossible TunnelHappy Feet AgilityOak Creek, WI
51JackpotJudges Recertification01/08/2004
33Jumper CDSGreater St. Louis AgilityCaseyville, IL
52Jumper CDSJudges Recertification01/08/2004
78JumpersCanine Sports ComplexBuffalo, NY
29JumplersJFF of Central IllinoisWarrensburg, IL
68KinkedFamily Dog CenterLa Cross, WI
18Las VegasMedina SwarmWadsworth, OH
82Las VegasBud Houston
24Las VegasK9 Sports of TNNashville, TN
64Last of the MohicansDTCSPSt. Petersburg, FL
39LouganisJFF of Central IllinoisWarrensburg, IL
73Lucky 13Bud Houston01/10/2002
66MinuetBoynton Beach, FL
72MinuetPawsable K9 EventsOcean County, NJ
53Mute AgilityJudges Recertification01/08/2004
37Near and FarHappy Feet AgilityOak Creek, WI
54Near and FarJudges Recertification01/08/2004
9Octagon GameItty Bitty Agility Dog ClubRapid City, SD
55Pinball WizardJudges Recertification01/08/2004
4Power and SpeedDinky Dog AgilityPeoria, IL
79QuidditchCanine Sports ComplexBuffalo, NY
63QuidditchDog Training Club of St. PetersburgSt. Petersburg, FL
16QuidditchSplash 'n DashPittsburgh, PA
75Rabbit ExpressAgility Dogs of Schenectady (ADOS)Schenectady, NY
17SnooklersMedina SwarmWadsworth, OH
56Steeple ChaseJudges Recertification01/08/2004
69Super DogFamily Dog CenterLa Cross, WI
22Tag TenGreater St. Louis AgilityCaseyville, IL
25Tag TenK9 Sports of TNNashville, TN
5Tag TenDinky Dog AgilityPeoria, IL
65Tag Ten (Gambler's Version)SOARGrant Pass, OR
57Time and ScoreJudges Recertification01/08/2004
80Time to BeatCanine Sports ComplexBuffalo, NY
58Time WarpJudges Recertification01/08/2004
76Touch N' GoCanine Sports ComplexBuffalo, NY
12Touch N' GoTWANG - TexasMcKinney, TX
59Touch N' GoJudges Recertification01/08/2004
67TrigilityBoynton Beach, FL
71Truth Or DareRocky Mountain AgilityArvada, CO
14Tunnel SnookerSplash 'n DashPittsburgh, PA
31Tunnel VisionJFF of Central IllinoisWarrensburg, IL
60Twelve Tone RowJudges Recertification01/08/2004
15Weakest LinkSplash 'n DashPittsburgh, PA
23Weakest LinkGreater St. Louis AgilityCaseyville, IL
27Weakest LinkK9 Sports of TNNashville, TN
81Wild West PinballCanine Sports ComplexBuffalo, NY

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