Teacup Dogs Agility Association


TDAA Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations
  1. General Provisions
  2. Titles
  3. Conduct of Agility Test
  4. Equipment Specifications
  5. Superior Agility Classes
  6. Intermediate Agility Classes
  7. Beginner Agility Classes
  8. Games Classes
  9. Judge’s Aids
    • 9.1 Standard and Games Course Time Rates
    • 9.2 Summary of Faults by Class
    • Contact Information

      Rules & Regulations
      General Provisions

      (v4.2 March 1, 2010)

      1.1 Mission The purpose of the Teacup Dogs Agility Association is to provide a competitive venue for dogs of small stature without regard to breed or pedigree, and to encourage course challenges that are comparable to the course challenges which face large dog handlers in other popular venues.

      1.2 Qualification of Judges A sanctioned test shall be conducted by a judge and stewards appointed for specific tasks in conduct of the sanctioned test. Only people listed on the Certified Judges List are permitted to judge at a sanctioned test or event pursuant to the guidelines established in these Rules and Regulations. All TDAA judges must be members of TDAA in good standing.

      A Club Affiliate judge shall be allowed to be the judge of record for a trial when the host club has conducted a second trial in the same year employing a judge from outside of the club's geographic area. A Club Affiliate judge may be a member of the group hosting the sanctioned test. The Club Affiliate judge may not show his own dog in a class for which he is the judge of record.

      The judge shall be solely responsible for designing and setting standard courses, including measuring course distance and standard course time. The judge shall also be solely responsible for setting courses for games and designing or specifying any additional requirements of the games according to the game rules. The judge alone shall observe and signal course or game faults or points.

      1.3 Dogs Eligible to Compete The Teacup Dogs Agility Association is open to all dogs, without regard to breed or pedigree, measuring 17" or less who are at least 12 months of age. A dog must be TDAA registered to compete in TDAA trials. No dog may participate with apparent injuries, lameness or bandages. Dogs who are blind may not participate.

      A dog may not compete under a judge who is a member of the same household; but may be shown under an alternate or stand-in judge at the same trial.

      1.4 TDAA Rules and Regulations v4.2 2010 This rule book (version 4.2) supersedes all previous versions of TDAA rules. It is the sole source for TDAA rules except as noted in its text. Addendums to this rule book may be published from time to time at www.k9tdaa.com. Check the web site!